Knitters Asked To Come To The Rescue Of Dementia Sufferers

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Knitted Items Proved To Offer Comfort To These Patients

Dementia is a terrible condition with no available cure. Sufferers often need to be hospitalized, since their families cannot properly take care of them.

While doctors and nurses know there is no cure, they do everything they can to ease the suffering of these patients. In Newcastle, the Dementia Care Group activating here, has recently undertaken a project to help dementia sufferers during their stay in local hospitals.

They are currently looking for knitters willing to help. Since knitted items prove to be very helpful for subduing the episodes of anxiety and confusion in dementia patients, they hope volunteers will offer their help.

“The use of knitted comforters to help bring a little bit of relief to patients has many positive effects. They are an accessible and cost effective means of relieving mild to moderate distress and the scheme is a harm free, drug-free approach for patients,” explains Dr. Julia Blagburn, one of the health care professionals involved in taking care of these patients.

What makes caring for patients with dementia so difficult is that they can suffer from severe episodes of anxiety. Once they find themselves in hospitals, away from home, their confusion grows.

The medication used cannot properly calm them down, hence the additional suffering. Knitted comforters can help them get through these periods of time.

The soft texture allows dementia patients to experience something comfortable and warm. Various patterns can also draw their attention and give them a distraction so they can get through the rough patches easier.

So far, volunteer knitters from the Chaplaincy and Pharmacy Departments at the Newcastle Hospitals helped with making comforters. Seeing the results, the Dementia Care Group hopes to enlist the help of more knitters from local groups, so more comfort can be provided to the patients the Newcastle Hospitals are taking care of.

UPDATE: You can find a pattern for twiddlemuffs here: Knitted Twiddlemuff For Dementia Patients [FREE Knitting Pattern].

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