9 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Knitting

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Why Knitting Is Worth The Time And Effort To Learn

There are many reasons why people take on hobbies. Knitting is one craft that has millions of followers across the globe.

Besides the fact that it can help you spend some pleasant time doing something productive, knitting has many other benefits. Here are a few important ones that you may not have thought about.

Reason #1: Knitting makes waiting much more bearable

No matter where you are, at the dentist or waiting for the bus, knitting makes the time pass faster.

Reason #2: Knitting gets along with other hobbies

You can see about your knitting while doing other pleasant things. Things such as watching TV, listening to your favorite tunes, and even spending time with friends.

Reason #3: Knitting helps you relax

Because of the repetitive movements involved, knitting induces a state of relaxation. This can help you fight off symptoms of depression and other illnesses. It is even believed that knitting is good for the heart.

Reason #4: Knitting is a natural memory booster

Studies say that moving your eyes from side to side is very helpful for boosting your memory.

Reason #5: Knitting helps with reducing the incidence of dementia

Another study carried out on people aged 65 and over shows that knitting, along with gardening and other similar activities, helps reducing the incidence of dementia.

Reason #6: Knitting is great for getting in touch with yourself

In a world where everything is fast and tiring, grab a pair of knitting needles and you will be able to breathe more slowly, and get in touch with your inner self.

Reason #7: Knitting helps you make great gifts

It is said that the greatest gifts come from the heart, and offering someone a knitted item, be it a scarf, a sweater or a hat, shows that you really care.

Reason #8: Knitting builds up confidence

When you hold the product of your efforts in your hands and look at it, you cannot help but feeling proud and content with yourself.

Reason #9: Knitting is fun and inexpensive

No one says that you should grab only expensive yarn. Opt for synthetic fibers and you will have a blast, while spending very little.

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