New Children’s Picture Book about Knitting – Lulu and Lainey … a French Yarn

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A unique and imaginative story that will delight all the young knitters on your gift list

Lois Petren had just returned from a family vacation in France in June 2015, when she realized she was missing a ball of yarn that was needed to finish a knitting project she had taken on the trip.

After telling a friend about the loss, she wove a tale of the “great adventure” the ball of yarn was having in Paris.  This flight of fancy became the seed of inspiration for  “Lulu and Lainey … a French Yarn”.
Young knitters - Lulu & Lainey | the knitting space

Lulu is a little French girl who loves to play soccer and loves to knit with her Grand-mère.  Lainey is her favorite ball of green yarn.

The yarn gets left behind in the park after an impromptu soccer game and in a case of mistaken identity is adopted by a bird who thinks it’s one of her eggs.

Eventually everything is resolved through a serendipitous series of events – although only the reader knows the whole story.

The book features the lovely watercolor illustrations of Tanja Russita.  She did her research to ensure that the characters depicted in the book are geographically accurate.

The mother and baby birds are Eurasian Jays, which are found throughout Europe and Asia.  This bird has a very dramatic wingspan with feathers that are bright blue, black and brown. You can view examples in the Pinterest inspiration board for this book.

The second book of the series, “Lulu and Lainey … a Christmas Yarn” is scheduled for release in early November 2016.  In this holiday book, Lulu is planning to knit a beautiful green scarf for her friend, Pierre, but Grand-mère’s cat has other ideas for Lainey.

She steals the yarn and once again it gets lost.  The reader will enjoy learning about French Christmas traditions, relating to traditional foods and gift-giving.

You can download FREE coloring pages from the book from here: FREE Coloring Pages

The books are available on Amazon or visit to purchase books and download free Lulu and Lainey coloring and activity pages.  Follow Lois Petren on Facebook at and Pinterest at

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