“Love Socks” Knitted On Isolated Volcano Island

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More Stripes In The Love Socks Stand For More Feelings

Knitted socks have been offered as gifts for a long time, so they may seem like quite a mundane item.

However, if you are getting a pair of “love socks” from Tristan da Cunha, an isolated island shared by the locals with an active volcano, that is a totally different thing.

Only 267 people live on this most isolated island in the world, and they are mostly farmers. Avid knitters as well, they are now famous for making knitted socks that are offered as a sign of love.

In fact, the tradition is quite complex and it is not linked only with the act of giving. The number of stripes on a pair of socks is actually a love code.

The more stripes a man gets on the love socks knitted by a woman, the more he is loved. Anything that goes above 4-5 stripes can even be seen as a marriage proposal.

Knitting is not something only women do on the island. The men can reciprocate the declarations of love in the form of socks, by knitting moccasins and offering them in return. By expressing their love through such gestures, they make things much simpler.

Now you can get a pair of “love socks” and offer them to your significant other, by ordering them online. However, you must keep in mind that the isolated island is not often visited by ships.

Supply ships from Cape Town only stop once a month here, so, after you place your order, arm yourself with patience. You will have to wait at least a few months for your socks to get to your door, so you better plan your gifts well in advance.

Nonetheless, nothing can easily compare with the romantic act of having a pair of socks knitted on an isolated island with so many interesting traditions.

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