How Knitting Brings Generations Together

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Knitting Events Take Over Pubs In Toledo

Knitting has often been seen in the past as something old ladies do when they feel too weary to move around much. Events like the Pints and Purls: Knit One, Drink Two that takes place during the first Monday of every month at Black Cloister Brewing Co., tell a different story.

The pub is located downtown Toledo and it seems like the perfect place for knitting, gossiping and drinking beer. At least, that is what happens as local knitters start pouring in, once the evening starts.

Mandy Cufr, the pub’s taproom manager, is a passionate knitter herself. On less busy nights, she brings her needlework along.

This lead to the idea of populating the pub with other people than the usual audience. Mandy thought right away about bringing in fellow knitters. Now, the first Monday of each month no longer finds the Toledo pub empty.

One may expect only a bunch of old ladies to partake in the event. But nothing could be further from the truth. One of the locals, Diann Harrison, is always bringing her sister and their 20 something daughters at the event. For them, it is the perfect occasion to take on the craft.

What happens in Toledo is not unique or particular. All across the nation, more and more people, even those belonging to younger generations, become interested in knitting.

The Millenials in particular seem to be highly engaged in such DIY projects.

“They enjoy working with the trendy designs and fashion yarns popular today because it’s so easy to complete a project quickly and attractively,” says Mary Colucci, one of the representatives of the Craft Yarn Council.

This organization is in charge of tracking trends in how knitting and crocheting are seen nationwide. The figures speak for themselves. 65% of those questioned said that they believe knitting is a great creative outlet, while 51% love making things for others.

From Pinterest to YouTube, there are so many platforms offering Millenials all the info they need on how to knit. The surge in the interest for the craft is expected to grow even more.

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