Knitting Trucker Discovers An Excellent Way To Beat Smoking Addiction

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Adam Dittemore, The Knitting Trucker, Went Down To Zero Cigarettes From Two Packs A Day

Beating any addiction isn’t easy. Adam Dittemore, a trucker from Detroit, can vouch for it. However, he also found a way to get rid of his addiction.

A smoker for 25 years, he was consuming two packs of cigarettes a day. Then, he suddenly quit and also got a cool nickname as The Knitting Trucker.

For one year, the trucker hasn’t smoked even one cigarette. His secret is quite simple.

One day, fed up with his addiction, he decided to do something else to keep his hands busy. Instead of reaching for another cigarett, he reached for a pair of knitting needles.

Together with a ball of yarn, the knitting needles now keep him occupied. Whenever he needs to wait, whether it is for unloading or refueling, he has something to do.

Asked if his colleagues give him a hard time for being a knitter, he replies:

“Sometimes they give me trouble, but in a playful way. Their wives tell them they should learn.”

Dittemore learned how to knit from his grandmother. While he was only five or six when he touched knitting supplies for the first time, he never forgot the craft.

His wife had no idea about his knowledge of knitting. But, when they visited a crafts store, he astounded her with his insight into yarn.

From that moment forward, the trucker rediscovered his passion for knitting.

The biggest gain, however, is how he used knitting to give up smoking.

“It really helped me quit smoking. It gave me something to focus on, and it’s been a year without cigarettes!”

The truck driver uses his newfound passion for other purposes, as well. He grabs his needles at the end of a long day to relax.

Even more, he now teaches his sons, aged 12 and 6, how to knit.

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