Craft Club Helps Lonely People Get Together And Knit

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The Project Is Aimed At Those Who Cannot Socialize Because Of Physical Or Mental Conditions

Craftable is the name of a group located in Southend, aimed at helping people who are scared of going outside, to socialize. Jennifer Snow, a local living on Richmond Street, is the name behind the project.

She hopes to help people suffering from physical and mental conditions find a way to get together and have a bit of a nice time.

The reason why she started this group was because, at one point in her life, she suffered from loneliness and feelings of isolation. Well aware of the long term effects of depression, Jennifer thought about starting a group.

When she gave birth to her son and remained at home, she went online to join crafting groups. This was how this idea came to her.

At first, things were pretty slow. Since her purpose was to reach out to people who were used to live in isolation, it was not easy to convince them. However, things started to take off, and right now, the group meets once a week.

It was an opportunity for Jennifer, too, to discover her inclinations towards other crafts. After knitting for 40 years, she discovered the pleasures of crocheting, as well.

It is a chance for these people to do something for the community, too. For instance, during their get-togethers, those attending the club activities, are making bonnets for the premature babies born in local hospitals.

Jennifer has her own way of helping new members adjust. First, she just invites them to grab a cup of coffee with her, and then she introduces them slowly to the group.

More and more people are now joining for a very small weekly fee that covers the materials used and the refreshments. Jennifer is glad to see that most of them are starting to bring their friends, as well.

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