Roanoke Knitting Group Makes Generous Donation To Hospitalized Patients

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50 Knitted Shawls Were Offered To Those In The Palliative Care Unit Of A Local Hospital

Charity work goes hand in hand with knitting. Yet another proof of how generous people with a passion for knitting are, was recently featured on local North Carolina news.

The NOSO knitting group stopped by the Carillon Roanoke Memorial Hospital. They wanted to offer 50 knitted shawls for the people hospitalized in the palliative care unit.

50 knitters from the local community were involved in the project. Their purpose was to offer those receiving end-of-life medical assistance a bit of solace. They do this in the form of these beautiful shawls.

This is also a way of bringing the community together, as the medical care professionals working at the Carillon Hospital see the generous gesture of the NOSO group.

The hospital receives about 500 shawls and blankets yearly from people in the area who want to help with everything they can.

The NOSO knitting group was founded in 1997 by Sue Esser, Rae Creedle and Tere Salmons. The group is in charge of organizing one day knit-in events, where crafty people can come, share ideas, knit and offer their work for charity, if they so choose.

Besides the palliative care unit at the Carillon Roanoke Memorial Hospital, other institutions and organizations are on the list of those that have received knitted items from the NOSO Knit group.

Among them, one will find the American Cancer Society, Blue Ridge Women’s Center, The Roanoke City Rescue Mission, Ronald McDonald House and local nursing homes.

The latest project mentioned above was sponsored by David Simpson Hand Dyed, Kismet Fiber Works and Miss Babs that donated the yarn needed for obtaining the 50 shawls.

“It brings a touch of humanity to our patients, and their families, in a time that is very difficult for them,” Phyllis Whitehead, a specialized nurse working at the Carillon Hospital says in regards to the latest donation made by the NOSO knitters.


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