Homeless Man Knits Compassion Hats

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This Homeless Man Knits Compassion Hats For Others

For Trinidad Flores in Medford, Oregon, knitting is more than just therapy. Battling depression for many years, Flores says that knitting also offers him a sense of purpose.  For this reason, the homeless man knits Compassion Hats.

In fact, Flores has created more than 1,000 pieces over the last two years. He keeps none of his ‘Compassion Hats’ for himself. They all go to other homeless people, and regular folks he meets in the park.

Another version of the Compassion Hats is the newborn beanies he creates. Accordingly, one of the beneficiaries of Flores’ craft is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at nearby Rogue Regional Hospital.

Whenever he finishes a batch he just drops them at the door of the hospital. Recognition by hospital employees simply isn’t important.

Knitting creates a sense of fulfillment

The one who goes by the name of “hat man” says that knitting leaves him fulfilled.

“Some people know me by name, but the ones who don’t will come outside and say, ‘Hey, you’re the hat man,” the knitter declares.

Through his generosity Flores has quickly become a local celebrity! However, the only thing he needs, besides yarn, is someone he can offer his Compassion Hats to.

No doubt this in turn helps him with tackling his own depression which he has suffered from for years.

Flores moved to Medford from Michigan years ago. Currently, he spends his days knitting for the less fortunate. His list of clients is quickly growing and includes local foundations, and shelters.

The people of Medford praise his dedication to doing something that matters.

“It’s so quick, so easy, but yet it’s all the love that he puts into it that makes the difference,” one of his homeless friends, Barbara Bain, says.

The upcoming summer does not put a stop to Flores’ efforts. Over the hot summer months, he plans on stockpiling hats for the next winter!

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