A 10-Year-Old Boy Teaches Adults How To Knit

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The Boy Learned The Craft When He Was 5 Years Old

Can children teach adults a crafty skill such as knitting? Apparently, age has nothing to do with the ability to teach. A 10-year-boy from Kendall Yards proves this.

Jack Kashork is in charge of his own knitting classes. They are taught at the Spark Center and he does a great job while at it.

The course is called Knack for Knitting and it could not have a more inspired title. Jack truly has a knack for knitting. He quickly learned how to knit and purl when he was just 5 years old.

His grandmother was the one who taught him. However, she could not foresee her grandson being able to become a teacher himself only 5 years later.

Jack’s students are not kids such as him, though. Actually, the course is only aimed at those who are 13 years old or older, and who want to learn the craft.

The boy teacher admits that it is much simpler to explain knitting to adults. He is quite engrossed with what he is doing.

But what do the students say once they learn the young age of their knitting teacher? This does not seem to be a problem.

“I thought he was really clear and explained things really well,” says Patty Bluett, one of the students attending Jack’s course.

Even Jack’s mom considers the boy to have a knack for teaching, not only for knitting.

“He’s a much better teacher than I am. He’s much more patient,” she explains.

The 10-year-old teacher is also very considerate of each knitter’s challenges. When one of them, a left-handed person, had troubles knitting, he went online to search for information on how left-handed people could knit.

He is also very modest and admits that his first project was full of mistakes. That didn’t stop him from continuing to learn and now he hopes that others will love knitting as much as he does.

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