Magic Circle Cast-On For Knitting [A How To Knitting Tutorial]

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Learn How To Do The Magic Circle Cast On And Avoid A Hole In The Center Of Your Knitting When You Cast On In A Circle

The magic circle cast on is often also referred to as a pinhole cast on. It is used when working just a few stitches in a circle.

This technique is unique in that it can be tightened and thereby not leave any hole or gap in the center of your work.

The method of casting on is often used when when knitting toe-up socks

However, it can also be used for projects where you knit in the flat from the center out, for instance when knitting some blankets, bags, etc.

We have included videos showing 2 different ways of using this cast on method in this tutorial.

In the first video, you will learn how to cast on using a crochet hook and then transferring the stitches onto knitting needles.

This is probably the easiest of the two cast on methods.

The second video demonstrates how you cast on using just knitting needles.

This method is maybe a bit more fiddly but it is perfect for anyone who is not comfortable using a crochet hook.

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