Long-Tail Cast-On – 2 Different Methods [A How To Knitting Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make A Long-Tail Cast-On

In this video tutorial, we will show you how to make a long-tail cast-on using two different common methods.

This is a cast on that works for a great variety of knitting projects as it has a sturdy edge. It is also a very fast cast-on that makes you cast on a lot of stitches quickly.

However, before you start using this great technique for casting on, it is important that you make sure you leave yourself enough of a tail.

In this video tutorial from Staci over at Very Pink Knits, you will learn how to make sure you have a tail that is long enough. In addition, she will also show you a great trick for counting stitches

Watch this video an learn how to ensure your casting-on tail is long enough!

If you don’t have stitch markers, you can use a small cut of yarn in a different color that you just thread between 2 stitches.

In this great video tutorial from Knit Picks you will learn how to cast on with a long tail using the “sling-shot” method. This is probably the most common technique for casting on with a long tail.

Watch the tutorial and learn how to cast on using the “slingshot” method!.

In this second video tutorial from Staci, you will learn how to cast-on using a long tail and the “flipping” method.

Watch the tutorial and learn how to cast on using the “flipping” method!

In fact, you can find more great video tutorial here: Knitting Tips & Tricks.

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