Making Knitting Swatches In The Round [A How To Video Tutorial]

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Learn How You Can Easily Be Making Knitting Swatches In The Round

In this video tutorial you will learn a quick and easy way of making knitting swatches in the round.

Typically, you will make your knitting swatches in the flat, knitting back and forth. However, your tension on the purl side is usually different from your tension on your knit side.

Conversely, when knitting in the round, all your stitches are usually knit stitches. This means that you should make your swatch in the round as well.

However, you probably don’t want to knit a “mini hat” just in order to make a swatch in the round. Luckily the solution is simple. Make a round swatch while knitting in the flat!

Sara Delaney over at WEBS have put together a great video tutorial that shows you how to do this.  It shows you how you can easily swatch in the round without actually knitting in the round!

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Watch this great video tutorial and see who Sara swatches in the round!

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