Knitted Pictorial Sweaters Created By Ambitious Knitter

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Sam Barsky Immortalizes Places He Goes To With Knitting Needles And Yarn

Sam Barsky learned about his health problems back in 1999. Problems that forced him to give up on his education, so he thought about choosing another path in life.

Fate made that Sam met with some yarn sellers located in Baltimore, the city he lives in. And that is how his love for knitting started.

The owners of the local shop offered to teach Sam how to knit. In exchange he would buy their products.

The Baltimore resident, however, wanted to do more than knit simple things. He wanted to make something original, something that cannot be seen just anywhere.

This is how he came with the idea of creating pictorial sweaters. The first project involved recreating a natural landscape on a sweater. Even without a pattern, Sam succeeded in making it come to life.

The initial success encouraged Sam to start on a beautiful journey. Starting in 2000, and up till now, he managed to make almost 90 sweaters themed in this manner.

While he may not be able to immortalize every place he travels to, by making a sweater, he is proud of his efforts and work.

The ambitious knitter is now branching out. He will no longer make just sweaters of places he has been to. He wants to start knitting sweaters of places before he goes to them, as well.

“I’m trying harder to make sweaters representing places before I go so I can wear them there and be photographed!” he describes what motivates him to grab his needles and start knitting right away.

The best part is that Sam will never run out of inspiration. With so many incredible places around the world, he will just need time and passion to make his future projects come to life.

Among famous places immortalized by Sam on sweaters, one will find the Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Stonehenge, and Tower Bridge.

Sam now has his own webpage:


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