Knitting And Reading – How Can That Work?

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A Few Tips On Doing The Two Most Favorite Pastimes Simultaneously

Avid knitters know this well. One cannot really just sit around, with nothing to do on their hands, when they could knit yet another awesome piece.

But what if you want to do more than just knitting? What if you are the type who loves to read while knitting? Watching TV is a well known great companion to knitting, but how about reading?

Unfortunately, while there are plenty of knitters who love to read at the same time as they knit, the two don’t go hand in hand that well.

As in the old saying about reading and eating, you will end up understanding nothing at all. You will end up missing stitches, messing up your pattern, or reading the same paragraph over and over again, without making any sense out of it.

So this is the end of multitasking for knitters? There are some who beg to differ. Certain things can be done, and, while they are not ideal, they still work so you can enjoy both reading and knitting.

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One solution is to go for a really easy pattern that you can basically work with your eyes closed. This way, you will be able to focus on the reading part, without messing your knitting work.

Another solution identified by passionate knitters is to do some reading first, like one chapter or so, and then knit several rows, followed by another chapter, followed by several rows … and so on.

Especially if you are working on a really complicated pattern, this is the best solution, because you will not have to undo your work, when things go awry.

If you are not keen on splitting the two, and still yearn for doing both things at the same time, a solution would be audio books. Mind you, this is not for everyone, as there are people who feel distracted by the voice telling the story.

Either way, if you really cannot live without one or another, there are some solutions, as you can see above.

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