Knitted Cast-On Basics [A How To Knitting Video Tutorial]

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Learn How To Do The Knitted Cast-On

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to do the knitted cast-on. This is a cast-on technique that is really easy to do.

You can use this method when you need to cast-on a few stitches to a project you’re already working on. For instance, if your pattern calls for you to add a few stitches to the side of a sleeve.

In addition, it also makes for a good all-purpose cast-on method as it creates a stretchy edge.

This great video tutorial will teach you both how to do a knitted cast on when you are knitting as well as when you are purling.

It also gives you a great tip on how to knit that first row after you have cast on.

Would you like to try out different cast-on techniques as well? You can find some great video tutorials here: Knitting Tips & Tricks.

In this video tutorial, Liat Gat from Knit Freedom will show you this great cast-on technique

Watch Liat and learn how to knit a cast-on!

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