Steeking Knitted Garments [A How To Video Tutorial]

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Steeking Knitted Garments: Learn How You Can Prepare And Cut A Steek In Your Knitting

In this video tutorial you will learn how you can prepare for steeking knitted garments.

Steeking is a useful technique that allows you to knit your projects completely in the round.

After completing your garment, you cut a straight line along the center of a column of stitches.

This allows for making an opening to, for instance, insert a zipper (zip) or a pair of sleeves.

It is a very popular method for knitting fair isle or colorwork garments.

This is because this method allows you to avoid stranding across the wrong side of your work.

In fact, there are three different methods commonly used for preparing your garment for steeking: hand sewing, machine sewing and crocheting.

In this tutorial you will learn how to steek using the hand sewn method.

Would you like to try out this great steeking technique? You can find a great knitting pattern here: Classic Lines Knitted Cardigan [FREE Knitting Pattern].

Knit Picks has made a great video tutorial that will take the fear out steeking.

Watch Kerin going over the basics of preparing and cutting a steek!

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