Basic Knitted iCord [A How To Knitting Video Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make A Basic Knitted iCord

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to make a basic knitted icord.

The icord is a tube. You knit the icord in the round and you use just 2 double-pointed needles to knit it.

This great knitting technique was pioneered by Elizabeth Zimmermanm. Apparently, she named it the Idiot Cord due to her accidental discovery of the simple, yet effective technique.

You can use the icord for many different different purposes. It is probably most common to use it as ties in garments.

However, you can also use it to make, for instance, bag handles, necklaces, appliques, etc.

Would you like to try out the icord?  You can find a great pattern here: Knitted Infant Mittens With I-Cord [FREE Knitting Pattern].

We also have a couple of video tutorials on attached and applied icords. You can find them here:

Bridget McKenzie has made a great video tutorial. In the video, she demonstrates how to knit an icord using three stitches

Watch Bridget and learn how to knit a basic icord!

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