Knitted by Giants?

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Super Chunky Knits Knitted without Needles!

Women on opposite sides of the world have ditched the needles and are knitting over-sized scale textiles using just their arms, taking knitting to a whole new level.

Both Ukraine-based Anna Mo and Australian Jacqui Fink specialise in extreme knitting. They create one of a kind creations using either their arms or giant knitting needles. All of their designs are produced in high-quality 100% merino wool.

Jacqui Fink has her own design studio, Little Dandelion, where she creates woolen blankets and throws, also knows as “Woollies”. Here is what she has to say about her work:

While the Woollies are the mainstays of Little Dandelion, I also craft woollen installations both extreme in their scale and the physical challenge they represent for one pair of hands. Each piece is as much a feat of endurance as it is a loving creative process.

As my quiet rebellion against mass production, I ensure that each piece is a one of a kind creation: something very personal for the user, lusciously tactile to the touch, highly textural by nature and meticulous in its construction. This is slow craft in its truest sense.




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Anna Mo learned to knit at an early age, and she continued with her hobby into adulthood. Being a designer, she spent long hours in front of the computer. Not surprisingly, she started using her hobby to have a hand-based escape from her head-based design job.

Today, Mo has a successful business, Ohhio, selling her products on Etsy



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