Young Knitter Excels In Class Due To The Capacity To Focus Better

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A Knitting Club Is Aimed At Helping More Students To Learn The Craft

When Amanda Andrews, a freshman at Kettle Moraine High School, was seen by one of the teachers knitting, little did she know that this would spark a special interest in her favorite craft.

The teacher, Lacy Melco, asked her why the young knitter was not paying attention during classes, and she promptly responded that knitting actually helped her focus better.

Amanda is the best student in her class, a solid proof that knitting is, indeed, of great help in her studies. The teacher says she is not the only one who does something interesting to keep their attention high in class. She also saw a boy doing crossword puzzles for the same reason.

Since Amanda’s academic performance is a clear indication that knitting helps, her teacher encouraged her to start a knitting class at school. At the first meeting organized by Amanda, six students showed up, eager to learn the craft.

There are many benefits knitting has for one’s health, and, as this case proves, the ability to concentrate. Amanda learned how to knit from her piano teacher and discovered how rewarding multitasking can be.

“It’s really calming — the hand motion,” she says, explaining in few words why she finds knitting such an interesting pastime.

She didn’t expect to find other people interested in knitting, especially since these are the first classes of their kind organized at the school.

Still, the interest is there, and Amanda is more than happy to find other people open to learning the skill. Her fellow students who joined in love making things, and some even think this to be a cool skill to learn.

Another student, Kate Schleich, has a passion for costuming, and really wants to learn how to knit and crochet, in order to improve her skills.

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