Knitting As Art

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From Turning Wool Into Yarn To Customized Knitting

Artists are often seen as painters or sculptors, but rarely as crafters. Kristi Pyatt, a Monticello artisan, with a passion for knitting and everything involved with it, proves things are actually different.

On her website, Kristi sells hand dyed yarn, wool that is as soft as clouds, as well as her services as a knitter. And things do not stop here; when she is not selling yarn or renting out her nimble hands, she is teaching others how to knit.

What makes Kristi stand apart from other fellow knitters is that she practically supervises the entire process from the beginning to end. She has sheep from which the wool is taken, and she is the one who turns the collected wool into yarn.

She dyes the yarn by hand, using all kinds of vibrant colors that customers absolutely love. Although this is a difficult task, she doesn’t mind it.

Married with three children, Kristi hopes to be able to pass the love for yarn and knitting to the next generation. Each of her boys has a favorite sheep from which they can use the wool for their knitting projects.

Kristi’s family is involved with taking care of an entire farm that includes, besides sheep, 100 chickens and a large vegetable garden.

“When you knit for somebody, especially somebody you know, you really put a lot of feeling into doing that. You spend a lot of quiet time on it and you think about who it’s for and how they will wear it; knitting is very personal,” says the knitting artisan, who strongly believes in the lessons taught to her children.

Her husband, Nathan, is also very involved in the family’s activity. He is very pleased to see how much the boys are learning from taking care of animals and seeing what they can give us back.

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