Knitted Breasts As Alternatives To Plastic Prosthetics For Cancer Survivors

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Melton Knitters Help Patients With Mastectomies Feel Normal Again

More Coffee Co in Market Place was the place where an event called Breast Friends recently took place. During the event, knitters from Melton came together and knitted 50 breasts for patients with mastectomies.

After going through surgery, these patients need to undergo chemotherapy. At the same time, they need to wait for their plastic prosthetics to be made.

Now, they do not have to wait anymore. The knitted breasts made by the Melton knitters during the aforementioned event will help them make the transition easier.

The Glenfield Hospital’s Breast Care Centre will be the main beneficiary, as this is where patients who underwent mastectomies are hospitalized.

The inspiration for the event was one of these survivors. Avril Talbot from Scalford has been suffering from breast cancer for two years. After she had mastectomy performed, she started her chemotherapy.

Although she is about to receive her plastic prosthetic for the removed breast, she decided to try one of the knitted items made by Breast Friends.

“The knitted breast I’ve been wearing is comfortable and just the right shape. You want something that’s comfortable and makes you look like everyone else […] This seems a cheap and very cheerful solution which makes you feel normal,” Avril says after trying out the alternative offered by the Melton knitters.

Catherine Baker is the owner of the bookshop where the event took place. With 15 people showing up and offering their time and effort to help breast cancer survivors, she believes the event was a success.

This is also the reason why a second session is going to be organized in Sandy Lane Methodist Church, while a third is going to be scheduled a bit later.

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