School Friends Help Leukemia Patient With Their Knitting

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They Intend To Sell Knitted Flowers To Raise Money And Help The Family

Natasha Sljokic is only seven years old and suffers from a terrible disease: leukemia. Diagnosed at the young age of two, she went through the first treatment that lasted three years.

After an initial remission, the disease came back. This time Natasha had to skip school, as she was in the hospital for 71 days.

Her friends from school decided to do something for Natasha’s. So they started to knit beautiful flowers with the purpose of selling them.

They want to raise money, to help Natasha’s family can go through these rough times. The time spent by the girl in the hospital put a terrible strain on their finances.

“The children wanted to do something for their friend and we thought we might be able to help raise some money for them at the same time,” says Yvette Cowper, the mother of one of the girls involved in the project.

Natasha will stay at home until her immune system is getting stronger. Until then, her mother will stay at home with her, while her father is working his usual job as spray painter.

Going through the financial strain is not easy for the family. With just one parent working, the Sljokic family is struggling to make ends meet. During Natasha’s hospital stay, the father had to temporarily give up on working, to be close to his daughter.

The flowers created by Natasha’s friends will be sold during a special event. Their small knitted wonders will not be the only things on sale. Food and even a Sea Eagles jersey signed by Manly Warringah will be put on sale, in order to raise money for Natasha and her family.

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