The 8 Stages To Becoming A Knitting Addict

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The Somewhat Nuanced Stages Of Becoming A Dedicated Knitter

How do you go from being indifferent to knitting to becoming addicted? Your journey to becoming a knitting addict may look a bit like this:

Stage 1: You Are Feigning Interest

You think that knitting is for bored people who have nothing better to engage with to fill their time. If you have a friend that knits, you may feign some interest but secretly you think that knitting was just something your grandmother used to do. When your friend posts the latest creation on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, you politely leave an encouraging comment.

Stage 2: You Are Feeling Actual Interest

You really don’t want to love it, but you are beginning to. Your mind is being filled with images of projects you could make: scarves, hats or even socks! However, you are careful not to let on that you are beginning to feel a real interest.

Stage 3: Your First Attempt

You have broadcasted to the world that you are going to take up knitting as well. You dive into your first project and then reality hits – it is harder than it looks. However, you don’t want to lose face so you persevere.

Stage 4: Your First Success

After gazillion attempts, you have finally managed to complete your first scarf (thank you YouTube!). You are feeling great and post your first creation for everybody to see.

Stage 5: The Addition

You are forgetting to eat – everything revolves around your latest knitting project. You join Ravelry. You have started hoarding yarn and your life has changed forever.

Stage 6: You Become Over-Zealous

You have tons of projects in the queue on Ravelry – everything from a lace shawl to a knitted sofa for the neighbor’s cat. Nothing is going to stop you in your endeavors …

knitting addiction | the knitting spaceStage 7: You Are Drowning

You are drowning in the amount of yarn you have stashed everywhere: under the bed, at the back of the wardrobe, behind the sofa, in the spare room … In fact, you have amassed enough yarn to knit enough hats and scarves to clothe all your friends, the entire extended family and many, many more. However, you have yet to make one as you are still struggling with understanding the patterns .

Stage 8: Your Admission

You may as well admit it – you have a problem. You are suffering from a KNITTING ADDICTION and have become a dedicated knitter with all the habits that an all encompassing hobby entails.

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