Avid Knitters Running Marathons While Knitting

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There Is Even A Certified Guinness World Record For This Kind of Activity

At first glance, knitting has very little, if anything, in common with running. Running marathons, in particular, seems to be eons apart from any kind of knitting or crocheting.

Yet, avid runners who are also knitters, or the other way around, have already managed to prove everyone wrong.

Meredith Parmalee and David Babcock are two pioneers of this type of multi-tasking activity, by taking part in the 2015 New York City marathon.

Meredith was for the first time involved in such an event. However, David is already pleading guilty for indulging more than just one time in knitting while running.

Actually, he is the guy currently holding the Guinness World Record for knitting the longest scarf during a marathon. Sounds pretty amazing, right?

That was exactly what Meredith Parmalee thought when she read about David’s achievement. She decided that it was an awesome idea to combine the two passions and hit the tracks with yarn in her hands.

Keep in mind, though; needles are not allowed on the track, for safety reasons. Yet, as you can easily imagine, knitters are resourceful individuals and finger knitting poses no concerns for anyone.

While she already knew how to knit with needles, Meredith discovered needleless knitting a nice and fun variation. She only watched a few YouTube videos and she was good to go with her finger knitting.

Running marathons while knitting is not, however, just some sort of a wacky idea for doing two things at the same time. For instance, David has been running at events for the benefit of the Alzheimer’s Association. He has even managed to raise 10,000 dollars for it.

“If you’re going to do something that brings you attention, you’ve got to do it for something other than yourself,” he says regarding his pioneering of the knitting while running style.

Meredith is doing something for others, too. Running the NYC marathon while finger knitting is her way of raising funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s charity.

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