Important Celebration for Passionate Knitter

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A Knitter from Omaha Celebrates 40 Years of Donating Her Knitting Work to Charity

Emma Christiansen has been a passionate knitter for over 75 years. For 40 years she has continuously donated her work to charity. Celebrating her 40th year of charity donations is a milestone in her life.

She remembers the times when knitting was more than just a passion – it was also a necessity. As someone who has lived through World War II, she still remembers the times when almost nothing could be found. It was nothing unusual for women during that time to knit their own pieces, since they could not find clothes available for sale.

Emma says that knitting is like therapy to her, because it helps her relax. She is knitting every day, out of pure love for the craft, but also because she wants to help others.

The passionate knitter is very productive, too. Only last year, she managed to create 233 hats, 19 pairs of mittens and 13 blankets. All of her wonderful creations were sent to charity, as she has done for the last 40 years.

Right after Christmas, if there’s nothing to do, I sit there and knit. Even if there is something to do, I like to sit there and knit,” Emma says, adding that it really makes her feel good knowing that her hard work helps other keep warm.

So far, hundreds of men, women and children have made use of the knitted clothing items created by Emma.

The southwest Omaha local admits that she is knitting every day because she simply loves it. As she knows that others can enjoy the results of her passion, she is very content. This passionate knitter intends to continue to donate her works for years to come.


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