Knitted Hand Muffs Help Reduce Agitation In Dementia Patients

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The Items Are Created By The Staff At The Arrowe Park Hospital

Dementia patients often suffer from bouts of agitation, linked to their special condition.

For them, these periods of time are very difficult and getting them involved in activities is a difficult task. The personnel at the Arrowe Park Hospital thought of a clever solution.

Since many of them are passionate knitters, they started making knitted hand muffs they call Twiddlemuffs.

These knitted hand muffs are not the usual kind, though. They have all kinds of buttons, ribbons and attached fabric that makes them more interesting.

Dementia patients can use them in more ways than one. They can use them to keep their hands warm, but also to distract their attention. Because of the more complex design, the muffs capture their attention and their agitation is greatly reduced.

The staff involved in making the Twiddlemuffs is part of a knitting group called Chronicles of Yarnia. The group meets every week at the library attached to the hospital.

Marg Davies, the person in charge of patients with dementia at the Wirral University Teaching Hospital Trust, admits that the project is quite interesting and helpful.

“There can be a lack of stimulation for people with dementia meaning they can get quite distressed. The Twiddlemuffs have a calming effect as they give them something to do with their hands and they also keep their hands warm,” she said in an interview.

With over 2,000 dementia sufferers in the area, it is clear that the project is more than welcome. Everyone is very pleased with the results so far.

Patients are offered the Twiddlemuffs to take home with them, so they can continue to use them. This is helpful for their carers, too, since it can be very difficult to calm down a dementia sufferer during their agitation bouts.

UPDATE: You can find a pattern for Twiddlemuffs here: Knitted Twiddlemuff For Dementia Patients [FREE Knitting Pattern].

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