Safety Concerns Regarding Knitting on Public Transportation

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One Commuter Says the Habit Can Result in Some Horrible Accidents

There are all kinds of things people do to pass the time in a more pleasant manner when they are commuting. While some of these things do not pose any threat or do not annoy other passengers, others are seen as being quite risky.

Not many might think of including knitting in the second category.  Yet, it looks like someone saw the dangers of crafting and commuting at the same time. A complaint was written and signed by Tan Lay Hoon regarding commuters knitting and sewing on public transportation and raising her safety concerns.

The complaint is based on the recount of a conversation between Tan Lay Hoon and a commuter who was sewing on a Singapore Mass Rapid Transit train.

The commuter was carefully toiling over her embroidery work when she was approached by Tan Lay Hoon. Asked if she didn’t think what she was doing was dangerous, she gave a negative answer. Since she had been doing that for quite a while, she said she didn’t think of it as a problem.

That was no argument for the complaint sender who proceeded to explain in her letter how this kind of activity could be dangerous to other commuters.

Trains tend to stop brusquely or lurch forward, which can make the people inside be thrown to and fro without them being able to control their posture or movements very well. When someone holds a needle in their hand, the situation can quickly become dire, Tan Lay Hoon thinks.

There will be very serious consequences if the needle impales an eye or other body part of a nearby commuter who could not move away in time,” Tan Lay Hoon says, worried that something like this may happen one day.

Her point of view on the safety concerns was forwarded to the Singapore MRT officials, but, so far, no answer was sent back.

So, what do you think? Is knitting on public transport hazardous and should it be banned?

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