Knitting Nannas Threatened by New Anti-Protest Mining Laws

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The Australian Knitting Group May Be Subject to Getting Arrested under Controversial Legislation

Knitting Nannas Against Gas is a group of passionate knitters first formed in the northern area of New South Wales (NSW). The group’s main purpose, besides knitting, of course, is to peacefully protest against the exploitation of the land by the coal seam gas industry.

The group does nothing else but protest in an original, completely non-violent manner against how agricultural areas in NSW are gradually being transformed into arid land, due to the new industry.

However, now it looks like the Knitting Nannas will have to face some severe legal consequences for their actions.

The Nannafesto is the document that sits at the very foundation of the philosophy that drives forward these charming ladies and their passion for knitting in the name of saving the earth for future generations. It says:

We support energy generation from renewable sources, and sustainable use of our other natural resources. We sit, knit, plot, have a yarn and a cuppa, and bear witness to the war against those who try to rape our land and divide our communities,”

Unfortunately, new legislation is being pushed by political forces in the country. The legislation is particularly designed to diminish the scope and impact of anti-mining laws.

For starters, the financial punishment for anyone protesting will rise from 500 Australian dollars to 5,500 Australian dollars. This is an amount that is expected to make the Nannas and other people who are showing their concern regarding the expansion of fracking and coal seam gas industry to give up on their protests.

Even worse, the situation can get even direr for protesters. The energy ministry Anthony Roberts said a clear ‘no’ when asked by the leader of the opposition Luke Foley if there is any guarantee that these peaceful protesters will not be sent to jail for their opinions and beliefs.

The opposition is leading a campaign to ban the new industry from the northern rivers area.


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