Knitting Perfect Thumb Gussets [A How To Knitting Video Tutorial]

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Check Out This Video To Help You On Knitting Perfect Thumb Gussets!

In this video tutorial, you will learn knitting perfect thumb gussets. This tutorial will give you helpful techniques which will make the knitting of thumb gussets less of a hassle.

Fingerless mitts, mittens and gloves are easy projects that you can make in a short amount of time. It is also fun to do with family and friends as an indoor activity.

This project creates a useful and beautiful output, perfect for gifts or personal use.

Knitting fingerless mitts or gloves are easy–until you need to make the thumb gusset. Though it is easy enough, people are often easily intimidated by making the gusset because it can get tricky.

But a little challenge should not stop you from making fingerless mitts or gloves!

Sure, it requires a few techniques so that the finished product is nice, fitted mitts. But don’t worry, this video tutorial will help you out in knitting perfect thumb gussets in no time.

In case you are unfamiliar, gussets are the triangular-shaped areas of extra fabric. This gives extra space in areas where you want to have movement. Therefore, a gusset is needed in making comfy mitts, mittens or gloves.

The tutorial covers how to make a thumb gusset with a step-by-step procedure. It also covers picking up stitches for the thumb.

It will also help you to create your own personal mitt using your yarn, needles, and gauge.

Though this tutorial does not include stitch counts, it can really help you in making perfect thumb gussets. You will learn helpful ways in doing it just by using your hand circumference

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Suzanne from Knitting with Suzanne Bryan gives a wonderful video on fingerless mitts thumb gusset knitting. Watch how she does a fingerless mitt in this video.

Watch Suzanne make a thumb gusset here!

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