What Is Your Knitting Style? [A How To Video Knitting Tutorial]

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These Are The 6 Most Common Knitting Styles

There are so many different knitting styles out there which can be quite confusing. This is especially true if you are just starting out and don’t know which style to go for.

Or maybe you are getting confused when you see video tutorials using different styles?

Personally, I am a continental knitter and to me the English or American style looks really awkward. However, I am sure that is the same for an English or American knitter looking at Continental knitter knitting.

Anyway, we though we would share with you a great video that Staci over at Very Pink has put together.

In the video, she demonstrates the basics of some of the most common knitting styles out there. The knitting styles she looks at are:

  • Portuguese
  • English or American or Throwing
  • Flicking or Lever
  • Continental or Picking
  • Combination
  • Mirror or Backwards.

What is your knitting style? Would you like to try one of these other styles? Leave a comment and let us know!

Watch Staci and see her demonstrate the 6 most common styles of knitting!

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