Knitting As A Life Saver

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A Woman’s Emotional Story About How She Gained Back Her Will To Live By Knitting

Knitting is known to be many things for many people. Whether it is a favorite pastime, or a way to do something creative and productive, knitting is part of many people’s lives.

What you may not hear too often would be about knitting as a life saver. Yet, for a woman who found she was ill with a mysterious disease, knitting proved to be exactly that.

The patient recounts how troublesome her life became once she fell ill. She could not do any of the things she normally did, and she had to make all her purchases online.

She could not sleep, she could not work, she could not get out of the house. At some point, thoughts that she might die came to mind. Fortunately, she did not die, and she discovered a way to put her life together – and her sanity – by taking up knitting.

What she says about knitting is emotional, but it makes perfect sense. First, she discovered how happy the various colors of yarn made her. The feel of yarn, the colors, they made her feel something besides just being sorry for herself.

Although in the past, she only knitted to pass the time, or as a social activity, she never finished her projects. The idea of taking out her needles and her yarn and starting to knit until she could finish something became much more appealing. She decided she could finish some patterns and so she did.

As she knitted away, she came to realize that knitting is a succession of rows of yarn, going one after another, just like days coming and going, seasons and years. Struggling to survive and keep sane, she found a great friend in knitting and it became a life saver.

It takes a lot of courage to accept the ups and downs of dealing with a disease. Finding a way not only to pass the time, but also to be able to make sense of it all, health and disease, is an incredible asset that some people like this courageous woman put to good use.

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