Knitted Reversible Chicken Or Egg Toy [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Super Fun Knitted Reversible Chicken Or Egg Toy

With this gorgeous Knitted Reversible Chicken Or Egg Toy you have found the next surprise for your kid. This wonderful reversible design will keep your child entertained for sure.

Photo of dark fuchsia and yellow knitted chicken toy and egg cozy and text that says "Free Pattern: Knitted Reversible Chicken Or Egg Toy,"

It can also hold a real chicken egg, or a chocolate one.

This knitting project is ideal for more experienced knitters, who have some practise on their hands.

This instruction given to this FREE knitting pattern comes in one size. The finished chicken is about 4.25 inches tall and 6 inches from beak to tail.

If you are using the metric system, this chicken is about 11 cm tall and 15 cm from beak to tail.

This design of this fantastic knitted chicken-or-egg toy is a great creation from Frankie Brown.

You are able to download this magnificent pattern of this lovely toy for FREE.

To access this downloadable FREE knitting pattern for this amazing reversible toy, click to the link here: Reversible Chicken Or Egg Toy Pattern

If you enjoy the pattern, you may want to consider making a donation on Frankie’s fundraising page for the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation:

Featured image(s): Frankie-Brown – thank you!

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