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Doctor Who Knitted Scarf – Season 12 [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Make This Great Doctor Who Knitted Scarf

This Doctor Who knitted scarf from season 12 is the perfect present for a Doctor Who fan.

The original scarf measured 12 feet, not including tassels. That is 144 inches or almost 3.7 meters.

You may also be interested in our original Doctor Who scarf that was worn by the 4th doctor.

Gorgeous Tonal Merino Wool s at

If you are, you can find a FREE copy of the knitting pattern here: Would You Like a Knitted Scarf like Dr. Who?.

You can access the pattern for the duplicate (or stunt) version of the Doctor Who scarf for FREE from the Doctor Who Scarf website.

To access the FREE knitting pattern for this fun Dr. Who scarf, please click here: Doctor Who Scarf Pattern.

Featured images: iamsarah (large image) & chotda (small image)

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