Would You Like a Knitted Scarf like Dr. Who?

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Here Is The Dr. Who’s Scarf Pattern You’ve Always Been Waiting For!

Throughout the ages, Doctor Who has embraced many different fashionable styles, but, most probably, the one look that really stayed with those who are as passionate about knitting, as they are about the famous doctor, is the one from the 70s. Tom Baker, the fourth doctor, opted for the romantic adventurer style, and one of its signature marks was, without a doubt, his knitted scarf.

Back in the days, it was rather a daunting fashion move to wear a knitted scarf as long as Dr. Who’s, so it is no wonder that the new clothing item created quite a style revolution.

Apparently, the fashionable scarf came into being in this manner because of a very human mistake. Rumor has it that James Acheson, the man in charge of designing the costumes for the famous SF show, asked a knitter named Begonia Pope to make a scarf from different colored yarns.

The knitter misunderstood that the entire quantity of wool should be used, and her work resulted in a 12 feet scarf that the then new doctor wore with pride and style.

Recently, a document from the 80s, released by the BBC, came to the attention of passionate knitters. The document contains all the necessary steps for creating the famous scarf, so now you, too, can start working on making the Dr. Who’s signature clothing item on your own

You will need a pair of size 4 knitting needles, along with balls of double knitting wool, weighing 25 grams. The colors and number of yarns to be used are as follows: 3 purple, 6 camel, 3 bronze, 3 mustard, 4 rust, 3 grey, and 4 greenish brown

You need to cast the yarn on 60 stitches, and alternate the colors to match the way the colors on the original scarf were displayed. The BBC document offers exact row numbers for each color, so you will not be able to go wrong!.

Here is a copy of the famous pattern for Dr. Who’s Scarf.



Earlier this year, cosplayer 93Fangshadow posted an official set of knitting instructions for recreating the distinctive scarf worn by the 4th incarnation of the beloved Gallifreyan Doctor Who

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