Classic Campside Knitted Shawl [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Classic Campside Knitted Shawl

This lovely and classic campside knitted shawl will definitely keep you warm whether you are sitting around a campfire or not.

The knitted shawl has a lovely main section in lace. This is then edged by a ribbed section.

This pattern uses a garter tab cast-on – a quite common cast-on technique when knitting triangular shawls.

Not familiar with the garter tab cast-on? Here is a great tutorial: Garter Tab Cast-On For Shawls [A How To Knitting Tutorial].

The designer behind this delightful knitted wrap is Alicia Plummer.

Once completed, this lovely knitted shawl should have a width of approx. 68 inches and a depth of about 29 inches.

Prefer metric measurements? The finished shawl should be about 173 cm in width and 73.5 cm in depth.

You can download the knitting pattern for this beautiful wrap from Pom Pom Magazine for free.

To access the free downloadable pattern for this gorgeous knitted shawl, please click here: Campside Pattern.

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