Garter Tab Cast-On For Shawls [A How To Knitting Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make A Garter Tab Cast-On For Lace Shawls

Many knitting patterns for lace shawls use the garter tab cast-on method.

This is a great way of starting a lace shawl but it can also seem like an odd way of starting a lace shawl.

Using this cast-on method allows you to make a shawl that grows from the center out, forming two triangles. These triangles are separated by a center stitch.

When using this cast-on technique, you end up creating a small rectangle of garter stitches. This will then blend seamlessly with the garter stitch edging that forms the top of the shawl.

garter tab cast-on in lace shawls | the knitting space

Image: TinCanKnits

However, if you are not familiar with the method, it can all seem a bit confusing.

In this great video tutorial, Staci over at Very Pink Knits demonstrates how to cast on using this method.

Do you want to try out this casting-on method? Here is a great pattern:

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Watch Staci and learn how to make a garter tab cast-on! 


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