82-Year-Old Knitter Survives Being Locked Up In Restroom By Knitting

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The Granny Was Found Finishing A Pink Scarf By One Of The Workers

Who says that knitting cannot save lives? For Gladys Phillips, a 82-year-old knitter and granny from Felixstowe, England, found that knitting is something you can undertake even under dire circumstances.

For fours long days, she was trapped by accident in a restroom that was still under construction. She survived on knitting and a bag of mint imperials.

The elderly lady was out shopping when she needed to use a restroom. Unfortunately for her, the restroom she entered was still under construction and when the door closed behind her, she remained locked up in there.

Luckily for her, she had just purchased a brand new pink yarn and she had her needles with her. Seeing that no one was coming to open the door to the restroom despite all her screaming and wall banging, she decided to make the best out of the situation.

Without panicking, she sat on the toilet, and started knitting her worries away.

When she felt the need to sleep, she used her warm overcoat, which she placed under a hand dryer. This way, she managed to take her much needed rest in between knitting sessions.

The resourceful 82-year-old knitter didn’t suffer from hunger, either. She had in her purse a bag of mint imperials, on which she chewed while waiting to be rescued.

There are no words to describe the surprise of the worker who eventually opened the closed door. What he found was a granny just finishing a pink scarf while sitting on the toilet.

The woman lives alone, so no one became suspicious of her prolonged absence. Right now, her relatives are insisting that she gets a mobile phone, so she can get in touch with someone, in case anything like this happens.

On another note, the hospitality of the new restrooms made the headlines, due to the incident.

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