Knitting Helps Mom Drop Almost Half Her Weight

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Dena Harrison Swapped Chips With Needles And Got Back On Track

Knitting is a craft often mentioned in some really amazing stories. The story of Dena Harrison, a mom of seven, who managed to lose almost half her weight, is one such example.

One of the biggest challenges for those who are trying to lose weight is to keep away from the temptation. Staving off boredom is also part of the issue.

Dena found something to deal with both: she switched from nibbling on chips all day long to knitting and, along with diet and exercise, she succeeded to get back on track.

Dena is a full-time carer and has seven kids, aged from two years old to 24 years old. It was one day that she started feeling ill that she realized she might not live long enough to see all of them grow. The realization spurred her into action and she decided she had to do something about it.

She joined Slimming World, a club for dieters, where she learned about how to start eating healthy. She is currently walking six miles every day and she says that she is feeling great.

Her lifestyle, however, was the main problem she had to deal with. Where she was used to eating chocolate, chips, and other snacks all the time, she decided to replace them with knitting.

Dena hopes that she will manage to drop half her weight, and this is her goal. She used to weigh 22 stones, and now she weighs 11 stones and 8 pounds. She continues to diet and exercise, and knitting helps her go through the difficult moments.

Dena’s amazing success convinced her mom to join Slimming World, as well. Her husband is just starting, as well, which means that the entire family is now getting better and better.

Dena is no longer eating ready-made food and all she consumes is made from scratch and on the spot, when she has to prepare a meal.

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