6 Proofs That Knitting Projects Help Math Students

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Get To Know How Knitting Projects Help Math Students With Their Lessons!

Knitting is a very relaxing hobby. Math, however, makes some students uneasy. Putting these two together creates a balance and art-full learning. Recent studies show that knitting projects help math students better understand some useful math concepts.

Teachers around the world have experimented with putting knitting and mathematical concepts together. The results have been positive. Proof that even difficult subjects can be made easier with art.

Students taking Math subjects are often intimidated and get anxious with it. Now, they’ve found a better way by knitting their way into the subject!

#1. Knitting+Ratio and Proportion

One project is knitting bags and using ratio and proportion concept. This will be the deciding factor on how big the bag will be.

This is a basic activity that can practice the Math concept and skills while making a knitted project.

#2. Crocheted Hyperbolic Planes

This project allows visualizing math in action and provides a sensory experience. While incorporating the concept of hyperbolic planes, the learners create a visual and representation of the concept.

In fact, this particular project is used by many math teachers that prove how crocheting and knitting helped math students.

#3. Three-dimensional math concepts made real by knitting

Through knitting, you can make 3-dimensional Math concepts which are left in the abstract thinking. One example is taking analytic geometry into knitting argyle socks.

#4. Math+Knitting Lessens Anxiety

Consequently, knitting which is relaxing and calming, when applied to math concepts has proven to lessen the anxiety of students. Instead of focusing on just answering math problems, students give attention to the knitted outputs.

#5. Spices Up The Learning Process

It puts math into an actual project that includes being artistic which is fun for students.

#6. Knitting for girls=Math for boys

Another thing is that knitting is commonly done by girls and due to the thought that boys are better in math balances it out and makes a good contrast.

This craft is known as a hobby and a form of art, but it is also a good way of putting math and science concepts to life. By continuing to include knitting and other crafts, maybe we can produce students with less math anxiety and also great knitters!

Creating more knitting projects help math students become artistic in problem-solving!

Feature Image by Daina Taimina-thank you.

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