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5 Beginner Knits (That Are Not Dishcloths) [Free Knitting Patterns]

Feed Up With Knitting Dishcloths? Check Out These 5 Beginner Knits

These 5 Beginner Knits are perfect for novice knitters who would like to try out knitting something that are not dishcloths.

Make This Gorgeous Beginner Knitted Rug With Tassels

I just love this cheerful knitted blanket. The striped afghan will definitely brighten up any room in the house. Yes, it is a big project for a beginner to take on but it is also a great project for getting the confidence to knit while doing something else.

You might have read comments online about people knitting when watching TV or listening to an audiobook and wished that could be you. Well, this is a great pattern for trying out multi-tasking!

In addition, this pattern gives you the opportunity to try out the mattress stitch. The mattress stitch is the most commonly used method for joining two pieces of knitting together. You can find a great tutorial here: Mattress Stitch [A How To Tutorial].

Want to give this lovely blanket a go? Here is a link to the pattern: Beginner Knitted Rug With Tassels [FREE Knitting Pattern].

Make These Really Easy Knitted Wristers

These easy fingerless mittens will make a lovely gift for someone. Why not be adventurous and try them out in a variegated yarn instead? That is the really fun part of knitting – making your own design decisions!

This is another project that lets you try out the mattress stitch we mentioned earlier.

So, surprise someone with these fun and stylish wristers: Really Easy Knitted Wristers [FREE Knitting Pattern].

Take It Up A Notch With This Twisted Knitted Headband

This gorgeous headband is one of our most popular ones. And it is the perfect opportunity for you to try out a completely different type of yarn to knit with.

There are so many different fun and interesting yarns on the market that can rival the standard cotton or wool yarns. So, this is the perfect opportunity to try a more “interesting” yarn. And best of all, this particular yarn has a wide selection of colors so you could even knit a few headbands for your friends as well in their favorite colors.

You can find the headband pattern here: Twisted Knitted Headband [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Delight In This Beautiful Beginner Knit Blanket

If you would like to throw yourself in at the deep end and try a really big project – this might be it! I just love the color combo in this gorgeous afghan.

In fact, just like the golden blanket with tassels mentioned above, this is a great project for multi-tasking. Or if you just need a project to give your head some quiet space, this is perfect for that too.

The good think about this blanket is that there is no seeming, just weaving in some ends.

The pattern for this colorful blanket can be found here: Beauteous Beginner Knit Blanket [FREE Knitting Pattern].

Make This Adorable Beginner Garter Stitch Knitted Tea Cozy

A photo collage of knitted blankets, fingerless mitts, headband and teapot cozy and text area which says 5 Beginner Knits (That Are Not Dishcloths), Free Knitting Patterns,"

Fed up with your tea getting cold in the pot? This quick and easy tea cozy is the answer … It will also make a great last-minute gift for a friend.

We picked this pattern because it has a great picture tutorial that takes you through how to make this easy tea cozy, step by step.

To access the pattern for this delightful tea cozy, please click here: Beginner Garter Stitch Knitted Tea Cozy [FREE Knitting Pattern].

So, what do you think of our little curated selection of beginner knits? We would love to hear your opinion so please leave a comment below. Why not also pin them to your Pinterest account – they will be perfect on your Beginner Knitting Patterns board!

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