3 Ways To Increase Knitting Stitches [A How To Video Tutorial]

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Learn Three Different Methods To Increase Knitting Stitches

You typically increasing the number of your knitting stitches is used for shaping your knitting project.

Have you ever wondered what the best way to increase stitches in your knitting project?

Or are you not sure what is meant when you see the instructions in your knitting pattern?

In this great tutorial by Amy Palmer from Craft Daily, you will learn how to make three common increases.

The three types of knitting increases covered are:

  • Method 1: Knit 1 front and back and purl 1 front and back
  • Method 2: Make one increases
  • Method 3: Right- and left-leaning increases – these are usually abbreviated  to RLI and LLI in knitting patterns

Watch this great, informative video tutorial!

Image from YouTube Video.

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