Russian Join For Joining Yarn Balls [A How Video Tutorial]

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Learn How To Do A Russian Join For Joining Yarn Balls

Unfortunately, yarn balls are not infinite and they run out. In this video tutorial, we will show you Russian join for joining yarn when you are in the middle of your knitting project.

There are many different ways of joining a new ball of yarn. We have previously featured two basic methods are probably the two easiest and most common joining techniques.

You can find the video tutorials for these two joining techniques here: Joining Yarn When Knitting [A How To Video Tutorial].

A third and quite popular joining method is the Russian Join. Personally, I find this technique a bit fiddly, however, it is ideal for joining cotton or acrylic yarns. Of course, it will also work equally well with wool, but you might consider using spit splicing instead.

Staci, over at Very Pink Knits, has made this great video tutorial. Have a look at how she is joining a new ball of yarn when she is running out

Have you tried this joining technique? What do you think?

Leave a comment and let us know which method you use!

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Watch Staci and see how she joins two balls of yarn the Russian way!

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