Modernist Play About Knitting Sold Out

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Yarning Offers A Perspective On The Role Of Knitting Through Different Protagonists’ Eyes

There is no question whether knitting has been influencing people’s lives for as long as it has been an occupation or a favorite pastime.

Stories of people whose lives have been turned for the better are often mentioned in newspapers, blogs and other media. Trevor Pitt, in collaboration with Craftspace, an organization oriented towards developing crafts, decided to bring such stories on stage.

The play written by Pitt, and supported by the Birmingham crafts oriented organization. It was sold out for the premiere, which took place at Cannon Hill Park. It is expected that the play will go on tour, since the subject is so dear to many theater goers.

This play is not, however, like any other. Entitled Yarning, its subject revolves around the lives of five different protagonists who tell stories about knitting, while weaving away memories.

As with any modern play, some quirky action is to be expected. The writer of the play does not disappoint. The audience is invited to bring along their knitting work. They are also seated on knitted chairs for the duration of the play.

One of the characters whose experience with knitting is exposed in Yarning is a scientist who decided to take on knitting. Her story is related to how Ashley, the character, started to knit jumpers for XXXXL men. This is just an appetizer on what the play is all about.

Like many good stories, this one has something to do with personal experience. The writer remembers how he used to listen to his mother, along with his sisters, about the life in Birmingham during World War II. At the same time, his mother was teaching the siblings how to knit. A craft that eventually spurred the creation of this play.

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