Woman Is Filmed Knitting While Driving

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Russian Woman Filmed Using Both Hands Knitting While Behind Wheel Of Car!

The astonishing moment was filmed by a passing motorist on a busy road in the Russian city of Novosibirsk which is in south-central Russia.

Fellow motorists looked on open-mouthed as the woman reached speeds of up to 30 mph while she was busy focusing on her knitting. This short, but telling, footage shows the woman multi-tasking while driving her Smart car – maybe not the smartest move!

Remarkably, the female Russian driver actually manages to keep up with the busy traffic.

The moment was captured on a mobile phone by a fellow motorist who was driving in the next lane. It was then uploaded to the Russian media website Vkontakte as an example of bizarre driving.

Incredibly,  at times, the woman even appears to be so focused on her knitting that she doesn’t even look at the road ahead of her …

Check out the video for yourself – have you ever seen anything like it?

Apparently, the viewer’s comment is: “What she’s doing is so dangerous.” He is not wrong there …

Source & image: Daily Mail (UK)

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