Wildflower Knitted Lace Socks [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Make These Lovely Wildflower Knitted Lace Socks For The Flower Lovers In Your Life

These gorgeous wildflower knitted lace socks have a lovely and intricate lace pattern created by twists and yarn overs.

Photo of feet wearing a pair of light pink knitted socks and text which says "Free Pattern: wildflower knitted lace socks, theknittingspace.com"

The pattern runs the full length of the front of the socks. They are then finished off with a classic rolled cuff.

The pattern for these lovely knitted socks uses the backward loop cast-on method.

Not familiar with this technique? You can find a great video tutorial here: Backward Loop Cast-On [A How To Video Knitting Tutorial].

The pattern also include a couple of lace charts. Not familiar with reading lace charts?

We have a great video tutorial here: How To Read A Lace Knitting Chart.

You can download the FREE pattern for these wonderful knitted toe-up socks from Knit Picks.

To access the free downloadable knitting pattern for these beautiful socks with a wildflower lace pattern, please click here: Wildflower Socks Pattern

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