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Wavy Knitted Skull Cap [FREE Knitting Pattern]

Keep It Simple In This Wavy Knitted Skull Cap

This wavy knitted skull cap has a classic yet chic look. Keep it warm and simple with this knitted skull cap which can be customized as a slouchy beanie.

With its simple wavy design and easy pattern, a confident beginner knitter will find it easy and fast to finish.

The instructions in the FREE knitting pattern give steps to make this beanie in small and large sizes. The finished sizes of this knitted skull cap are 20 inches for the small size and 22 inches for the large size.

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In metric measurements, the sizes for the finished knitted caps are 50 cm and 56 cm, respectively.

Heather Lodinksy made the design for this simple knitted skull cap.

Download the FREE pattern for this knitted skull cap in wavy design for their website.

To download the FREE knitting pattern for this classic wavy knitted skull cap, click here: Wavy Skull Cap Pattern.

Featured image(s): Red Heart – thank you!


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