Vikkel Braid, Estonian Braid OR Lateral Braid [A How To Tutorial]

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Learn How To Make A Horizontal Knitted Braid Also Called A Vikkel Braid, Estonian Braid or Lateral Braid

A knitted horizontal braid is also known under many other names: Vikkel braid, Estonian braid or lateral braid.

Using a horizontal braid that runs across your knitting will add interest as well as texture to your knitting project.

We have included two different video tutorials, one showing how to make the braid using just one color.

The second tutorial shows how to make the horizontal braid using two colors.

If you would like to try out this great knitting technique, here is a lovely pattern that uses the horizontal braid: Knitted Treads Tipless Gloves [FREE Knitting Pattern].

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This first video tutorial is made by The Weekly Stitch. It is a great tutorial that clearly demonstrates how to knit a horizontal braid.

Click the NEXT button below to watch the second video tutorial!

Watch this video tutorial and learn how to knit a horizontal braid!

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