Vibrant Knitted Spectra Afghan [FREE Knitting Pattern]

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Make This Beautiful Vibrant Knitted Spectra Afghan

Choose this brilliant Vibrant Knitted Spectra Afghan as your next knitting project. With this delightful new addition you will always be content whenever you wrap it around.

Photo of a rainbow colored knitted blanket lying on rocks by the beach with text which says " Free Pattern: Vibrant Knitted Spectra Afghan,"

In fact, anyone among your friends or relatives would be happy to get one as a gift.

This knitting project is perfect for more advanced knitters, who have some practice on their hands.

The easy-to-follow guide given to this FREE knitting pattern provides for one size. The finished afghan measures about 43.4 inches along each of the six sides of the hexagon.

If you are using the metric system, this awesome afghan is approximately 110 cm along each of the six sides of the hexagon.

Moreover, the design of this stunning knitted afghan is a fabulous creation by Karen S. Lauger.

In addition, to download the amazing pattern for this knitted spectra afghan for FREE, visit Filcolana’s website.

Last but not least, to get access to this downloadable FREE knitting pattern for this fantastic spectra afghan with its vibrant design, click on the link here: Vibrant Spectra Afghan Pattern

Featured image(s): Filcolana – thank you!

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