Feeling Like Renewing Your Knitting Needles?

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Here Is A Selection Of Some Fun Knitting Needles

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Following our article on the 8 stages to becoming a knitting addict, we have been inundated with requests for where you can buy the knitting needles that was featured in the main image in our article.

fun knitting needles | the knitting spaceOne of our readers managed to track down the website where you can purchase these gorgeous floral knitting needles. They can be purchased from an Australian company called Chompa Handmade. According to their website, they do also ship to the US.  If you are interested in buying these floral knitting needles, please follow this link: Floral Knitting Needles.

Thank you Loretta Donaldson for sourcing these knitting needles!

fun knitting needles | the knitting spaceAs the floral knitting needles seemed to be so popular, we thought we would bring you a few other more unusual and fun knitting needles. The first one we came across was these rainbow leopard print knitting needles from the Clay Bean company. The company has quite a few different unusual looking knitting needles, so it is worth visiting their site: The Clay Bean Company.

fun knitting needles | the knitting spaceThe Krog Shop also has a number of different knitting needles, including leopard printed wooden knitting needles. To visit their online shop, please follow this link: The Krog Shop

Here is a selection of different fun knitting needles we found on Amazon:


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